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I Got The Low Down Birthday Backup Blues



Thank goodness for backup solutions and planning ahead! I’m celebrating my birthday today by relying on backup solutions on a couple of fronts.

First up, it appears Comcast is down in our area (pretty extensively it seems) and doesn’t think they’ll be back up until late this afternoon. Thank goodness for the EVDO solution on my Sprint Mogul. In my experience if you don’t have an alternate connectivity solution, you can be caught really short when you least excpect it.

Second, the printer for out theatre’s programs had a system failure last night and lost our copy. All of his systems failed apparently. Fortunately, after we had sent the program to bed, we archived all of our files onto a DVD and were able to run a copy over to him.

Now, if I can just find a backup solution for this laryngitis I’m dealing with so I can speak again! (But I secretly think my staff likes it just the way it is.)


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