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I just had to post this one …



I tell you, sometimes this techno stuff just gets to be unbelievable. I mean, are there some sick people out there or what? I picked this tidbit up off of Engadget,

I see things sometimes and say, “Why in the world would someone pay money for that thing?”. This is an example of one of those things. As mobile people we have needs, and since we have needs, there is usually someone out there who wants to fullfill those needs with a product they would like us to part with our money for. I fall for it –a lot. But if you are falling for this one, then I hope there is a “Techno Anonymous” chapter near you.

At first glance this looks pretty normal — just another flash drive, right? Ahh, but pay close attention – this little rascal is 64 GIGABYTES — yep gigabytes. That’s 64,000 megabytes. Huge storage in a small device. Wow — pretty cool, huh? So that little “buy myself one” urge starts to fire up in me, and I say to myself, “Wonder what one of them puppies would set me back……..”?


Five grand? Are ya kiddin me? What in the world would possess me to spend 5 G’s on a flash drive? No way. Period. I suppose if you were an international spy transporting a huge chunk of stolen data, this may make some sense, but I doubt there is a very big market for that. Now don’t get me wrong, I like to see this kinda stuff expanding, but it just gets to me that someone would actually put up a product for sale like this, and actually try and talk people into buying one. If you are interested on one though, you can pick it up here.

Wish I could see their sales numbers on this one, as well as who bought them. I have a little swampland in Florida available for less. But I guess at that price, you don’t have to sell many.

I still want one though . Yeah, I know. Maybe if they get that thing down to around 3G’s……

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