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I Might Actually Buy iOmounts iPhone and iPad Stand



While I own, and am a huge fan of mobile devices, I am not a huge fan of mobile accessories. I find most of them to be overpriced and if they aren’t overpriced, I find them to be gimmicky, tacky, useless, etc, etc, etc. Needless to say, it’s not often that I run into something that I would think about buying.

The case I use for my iPhone was a hand-me-down.

However, last night at CES 2012, I ran into the folks at iOmounts who have developed a stand called the iOstand, for the iPhone and iPad – and some Android devices as well, that I might actually be interested in buying.

I say might because I’ve only spent a couple of minutes with it but in those few minutes, I came away impressed.

Why, you might ask?

For one, there are no gimmicks. It’s a no nonsense accessory that works exactly as advertised. Put a magnet with an adhesive on the back of your device, attach it to the stand itself, and you now have a device that can swivel wherever you need it to.

Put it in your kitchen, and it now functions as a recipe database. Put it in your office, you can use it as a second monitor. It swivels, you can pull it off with ease and best of all, it doesn’t feel cheap.

It also works with other devices like Amazon’s Kindle Fire and with Android devices that have a magnet on the back.

It’s not often that I’m excited about an accessory, but I am genuinely excited about this product. And I’ll make sure to give you all a full review of it soon.

iOmounts iOstand retails for $109 in stainless steel and $89 for powder coat black and white.



  1. Adam Truelove

    01/11/2012 at 9:23 am

    Good idea.  Terrible name.

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