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I Want an OWLE



OWLe_iPhoneI spotted a reporter shooting video with the OWLE Bubo tonight at CES 2010. The device improves the quality of videos shot with the iPhone 3GS thanks to a wide-angle lens and microphone. The OWLE Bubo allows users to grasp a firmer grip than just holding an iPhone 3GS at arm’s length, reducing camera shake dramatically. There are four 1/4″ holes to connect extra goodies like lights and accessories.

The resulting videos look pretty good compared to most iPhone videos I’ve seen, but if you’re that serious about video quality you probably aren’t going to rely on your iPhone. Of course, part of the appeal here is that you can upload videos via 3G.

You can see several demo videos at The WOLE Bubo is sold online only for $129.

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