Ice Cream Sandwich for Transformer Prime Coming Today
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Ice Cream Sandwich for Transformer Prime Coming Today



The Asus Eee Transformer Prime is one of those devices that have turned heads, forced some to save up pennies, and well, is just eagerly awaited by many.  It has been drooled over and looked at as the possible Tablet that might give Apple a run for its money. The Transformer Prime is sleek, runs NVidia’s Tegra 3.0 quad core processor and by most accounts is a Tablet worth paying attention to, whether you like it as a slate or with the optional keyboard.

Heck, it might even make Android on Tablets a viable option some say. But then there’s that gooey and sticky Honeycomb mess that gives some pause.

Well, as of tonight at CES, NVIDIA’s Jen-Hsun Huang tells us that the Transformer Prime has chased away the Honeycomb and is now shipping with Ice Cream Sandwich. This is a few days earlier than we had heard that ICS would be available for the Transformer Prime.

This is being played as the first Android 4.0 Tablet and it might be, although there has been an announcement by Anoil Novio 7 Tablet previously that is scheduled to hit the market for $99. The Asus Eee Transformer Prime can be preordered here in the US at prices from $630 and up, but keep in mind this is being rolled out as a premium Tablet experience and isn’t aiming for the budget market.

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