iCloud Outage: Apple Bringing Services Back Online
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iCloud Outage: Apple Bringing Services Back Online



Apple iCloud services remain partly down on February 28th 2013 after an outage affecting around 11% of iCloud users hit shortly after 4 AM Eastern.

Unlike previous outages the problem does not appear to have taken down Apple’s popular iMessage service.

The iCloud service is paired with Apple iPhones, iPads and MacBook computers. The service keeps users’ information in sync between multiple computers and includes popular features such as Find My iPhone, iTunes Match and iCloud calendar, Mail, reminders and contacts.

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As of 9 AM eastern Apple was able to restore the services to many users, but there are still three areas where Apple reports issues. According to the Apple Services System status page, Photo Stream, Documents in the Cloud and Backup are down for some users.

An iCloud outage is no longer as severe, but multiple services remain down.

An iCloud outage is no longer as severe, but multiple services remain down.

While the services remain down, affected Photo Stream users will not be able to share photos on the popular photo sharing service and Documents synced over iCloud may not be up to date. The iCloud backup service is down, but users who use this will likely have a backup from the last time they plugged in so it should not be a major issue.

iPhone and iPad users who need to backup an iOS device to take it in for service should plug-in to their computer and perform a local backup. To avoid this issue in the future, users can also set up WiFi backups in iTunes, which will allow the iPhone or iPad to back up wirelessly to a local computer when the iPhone is plugged in to charge.

One odd aspect Gotta Be Mobile noticed this morning is that iMessages are not syncing correctly across computers and iOS devices. Despite reading a message 5 times on several devices, the last 11 messages show up as unread on multiple computers. It is not clear if this is a bug or related to some type of iCloud syncing.

Check the Apple System Status page for detailed information and updates on the February 28th iCloud outage.

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