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iContentStudio – educational software for the Tablet PC



The good folks at Inspherion Learning sent me a trial copy of their educational software, iContent Studio – and it is very well rounded. I have to tell you , I didn’t expect to see so much there. They have integrated tablet pc functionality into much of their software. It’ll be a couple of weeks before I can do a full review, but I at least wanted to make mention of it. If you homeschool or you are involved making educational software purchases for your institution, you might want to check them out.

The products that make up the iContent Studio are:

  • Inspherion SmartPaper
    • SmartPaper is a notes-taking application for Tablet PC and laptop computers. Teachers can use SmartPaper to easily convert paper-based worksheets, handouts and other materials into electronic paper, on which students can handwrite or type their responses. Free your students and teachers from spiral notebooks, three ring binders and folders that lose more papers than keep together.

  • Inspherion SmartFlashCard
    • SmartFlashcard enables teachers and students to create, study, and share interactive multimedia flashcards. Use Inspherion SmartFlashcard to help your teachers create more engaging, more effective learning materials. A new way to work on an old favorite!
  • Inspherion Geometrix
    • Inspherion Geometrix is an application that virtualizes the geometry toolbox. It allows students and teachers to create and work on constructive and analytical geometry exercises on the computer. Geometrix extends the traditional geometry tool box to the computer, giving teachers and students a set of advanced, yet familiar tools. Your teachers and students can now leverage software exclusively designed with classroom needs in mind.
  • Inspherion SmartLabel
    • Inspherion SmartLabel is a program that allows teachers and students to create and work on customized interactive labeling exercises. For example, an interactive map exercise that can be electronically distributed to students, even auto-graded!

      Teachers can easily reuse existing paper-based maps, diagrams and other labeling exercises, and extend them by adding interactivity to them. Inspherion SmartLabel includes features that allow teachers to quickly create multiple variations of any exercise that can assess several levels of student proficiency.

  • Inspherion SmartSpell
    • Smartspell enables teachers and students to create and work on customized interactive spelling exercises. Use Inspherion SmartSpell, help your teachers turn every student into a Spelling Bee expert!

  • Inspherion SmartTiles
    • Inspherion SmartTiles helps teachers and students create, study, and share interactive multimedia matching exercises. Questions and answers are displayed in a tile format, and students match answers with questions by clicking on the correct tile. Create exercises that match names of countries with pictures of their flags, animal sounds with animal pictures, or scientific terms with their definitions.

      Questions can be created using text, ink, pictures or audio, and answers can be created using text, ink or pictures. The exercise may be timed. SmartTiles can be used to create engaging learning materials for a variety of subjects and grade levels.

  • Inspherion NumberBoard
    • Inspherion NumberBoard is an exciting math game for students aged 3-12. Users earn points by performing simple calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication or a combination of these. Users are awarded points according to the complexity of the computation they solve. The game can be made more challenging by using the optional timer feature. NumberBoard helps reinforce basic mathematical skills and also hones spatial ordering abilities.

  • Inspherion ContentStore
    • The Inspherion ContentStore is a server-based application that enables distributed content creation, storage, sharing and collaboration within a school or school district. Schools can centralize their content storage and administration to a single copy-right protected repository. Inspherion makes it possible to share curriculum materials within a school or among different schools within the whole school district.

iContentStudio lists for $399, and there is a free trial available

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