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id America Gasket iPhone Case Review



iPhone cases are a dime a dozen, but now and then I see one that stands out. Enter the Gasket iPhone case from id America.

The id America Gasket case is a brushed aluminum iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S case that looks absolutely stunning.

The machined case is inspired by the head gasket you’d find inside a sexy looking sportscar, but you don’t need to be a gearhead to appreciate the great looks of this affordable iPhone case.

The id America Gasket case is made in America and can be purchased for $29.95.

id America Gasket Case Review

The id America Gasket case takes style from a head gasket.

The Gasket iPhone has an attractive brushed aluminum finish, available in six colors. I have the Rally Blue color in for review which is a bright blue.

Because the Gasket case has a number of holes in it, you might be concerned about the actual protection it delivers, I certainly was. id America includes a clear back protector and a screen protector to boost the protection of your device. They also sent over a carbon fiber back cover which you can see in between my iPhone and the Gasket case.

This case won’t protect you from big drops, but it does add a small layer of protection in your pocket and for small drops to a table or off a desk to a carpeted floor. You’ll want to make sure that you apply the screen protector since there is no lip to prevent your iPhone screen from touching the surface of a table or desk.

The real sell here is looks.

Obviously this is a very personal choice, but I really love the look of this case, even though it doesn’t offer significant protection.

The case does offer easy access to all of the iPhone 4S buttons and ports, even in my car where I have a larger than average headphone jack to connect to the stereo. The case is easy to slide on and off, but is secure enough that I don’t worry about it falling off.

I only have two complaints about the id America Gasket case, sharp edges and color wearing away.

id America Gasket Case Review wear

The case shows signs of wear after a few months of use.

After two months of use the blue finish has started to wear off in several places. Thankfully when it does wear away it shows a silver finish so it gives it a bit of a rugged look that some users might like. Personally I would prefer that the color holds up longer.

Another issue is the sharp edges of the three large circles in the case. When pulling the case out of your pocket, the sharp edges can catch on your fingers.

Despite these shortcomings I still love the look of this case. I will continue to use the Gasket case on a regular basis, switching out for a more protective case when a trip calls for it.

I recommend id America Gasket case for users who don’t need a lot of protection and want a great looking iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S case.



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