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Ideum unveils massive multi-touch table



Ideum-table1Ideum, a company that designs and builds interactive computer exhibits, has lifted the curtain on a massive new multi-touch system that will share the “Wonders of the Universe” at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

With a 100″ surface and an 86″ viewable area is it one of the largest contiguous multitouch tables yet developed.  The screen has a 16 x 5 ratio aspect and a 2304 x 800 pixel, high-resolution screen. The table can support over 50 simultaneous touch points, allowing several people to interact with the table at the same time.

The design is based on their commercially available 50″ MT-50 table, basically two of them integrated side by side and made to work in sync. The custom software is Flash-based, built using Ideum’s custom GestureWorks framework for custom multitouch applications. They will be making GestureWorks available for sale in early December. YouTube demo after the jump. Tip of the hat to Gear Diary.

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