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IE7, Outlook and RSS Feeds – I can almost use it now



Do you use Internet Explorer 7 to read your feeds??  Today I found something that will almost make me do away with my quest to find the perfect feed reader on my Tablet PC.  The past few weeks I have been using RSS Bandit Beta – and it’s been doing a good job – pen flicks work and all!!

What I found today is over at Enhance IE.  It’s a tool for the RSS reader that ends 2 of my 3 beefs about feeds in IE7.

  1. Aggregate view – group up my feeds! – This is a feature that Enhance IE solves.
  2. Give me something that notifies me I have feeds – This is a feature of Enhance IE – Icon in the tray that changes in case you miss #1.

What would make me move to use IE7 and feeds without hesitation??  The biggest complaint I have with feeds in IE7 and Outlook is that they don’t sync – If I read it in IE7, I don’t want to read it again in Outlook!  They both use the same set of feeds, why can’t they talk to each other??  If that can be solved, I will move to IE and Outlook only for my feeds, not a separate application. 

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