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If You Want the iPhone 4S Next Week, Pre Order Tonight



iPhone 4S pre orders are about to start, and if you want the iPhone on launch day, you should seriously consider ordering as soon as the pre orders go live on Verizon,AT&T and Sprint.

Apple and the carriers use these early orders to help handle the demand of eager buyers. Unless you want to wait in line, or just plain wait, now’s the time to purchase the iPhone 4S.

You can read about the iPhone 4S announcement and seehow the iPhone 4s compares to the iPhone 4 I also suggest checking out is the iPhone 4S is worth the upgrade from the iPhone 4 and a look at Should I Buy the new iPhone, to get yourself ready.

iPhone 4S Preorders Start on October 7th

iPhone 4S Preorders Start on October 7th

When Do Pre Orders Start?

iPhone 4S pre orders start on Friday October 7th. This date is set by Apple, and carriers are held to it. Each carrier has a limited amount of pre order phones to sell.

Verizon has confirmed that iPhone 4S orders start at 3 AM Eastern on October 7th on the Verizon Wireless website.

Sprint shows iPhone 4S pre orders starting on October 7th, with no specific time.

AT&T also has iPhone 4S preorders set to kick off on October 7th without a start time.

We assume that pre orders will start on Sprint and AT&T at 3:01 AM Eastern/12:01 Pacific on October 7th. This marks the start of October 7th in California, where Apple headquarters is located.

How Do I Pre order the iPhone 4S

You can order the iPhone 4S online, though your preferred cell phone company’s website. Here are the iPhone 4S pre order links,

You can also call your carrier to pre-order, but you may experience longer call times than normal.

What You Need to Know Before iPhone 4S Preorders Start

If you already have a contract, you should check your eligibility for an iPhone 4S upgrade. This can be done online, or by calling your carrier.

If you are not the primary account holder, you should make sure that you have their password or they have added you to the account as an account manager. If you are missing a password or the correct account permissions, you’re out of luck.

Planning on adding a new line? You better call in right now and make sure you are able to. I had planned to add a new line to my account, but Verizon includes the MiFi as one of the five voice lines you can have on a family account. I have cancelled this, since i can add a hotspot to one of my phones, but Verizon still hasn’t updated my account profile to show this. It could prevent me from ordering an iPhone 4S tonight, despite promises of a Verizon account rep.


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