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iFrog Bluetooth keyboard now available



I have never used a Frogpad keyboard before, but they look very intriguing. With bluetooth availability now, they look to be a good fit for UMPC devices. I’m going to see if they can send me an eval to do a video review.

The new bluetooth iFrog sells for $149.95.

Here is a snippet from their press release and link to their website:

FrogPad™ Inc. ( ), maker of the revolutionary portable one-handed keyboard, FrogPad™ accesses Bluetooth HID drivers for the One-Handed FrogPad, and announces the seamless integration of FrogPad Bluetooth keyboard with Bluetooth enabled UMPCs, Nokia 770 Internet Tablet ( and Symbian Smartphones ( Dubbed the iFrog, the new keyboard incorporates FrogPad’s patented ergonomic layout designed around the 15 most-used letters in the English alphabet with the latest wireless Bluetooth technology, and accomplishes 100% of all functions of a QWERTY keyboard. FrogPad is the premier keyboard that will make these products successful.

Pioneering a new global standard for data entry, the FrogPad keyboard breaks the century-old QWERTY code. Unlike QWERTY, whose design was derived from the limitations of 19th Century typewriter technology, the FrogPad offers a patented logical algorithm and design that encourages correct ergonomic posture. Additionally, given its use of full-size keys, the FrogPad offers users of mobile computing devices an effective alternative to the script-based, mini thumb keyboard platforms or folding keyboards currently available. The FrogPad offers users a consistent interface across desktop and mobile environments, no more re-learning a new data input method every time you upgrade a device. After an average of 10-12 hours of training and practice, most FrogPad users can achieve input rates of up to 30-40 words per minute, as compared to the average of 10-20 words per minute by the fastest thumb typists. And FrogPad can be adapted for wearable computing with Velcro straps.


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