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iGo Charge Anywhere Charges 2 USB Devices on the Go



PS002730001_2_m.jpgiGo’s Charge Anywhere looks like it can make life a little easier for us mobile geeks. At first glance it looks like a jumbo phone charger, but it’s loaded with an 1800mAh battery and dual USB ports. This means you can charge two devices at a time whether you have it plugged in or not.

The iGo Charge Anywhere comes with six-foot USB cable with an iGo tip adapter. You’ll have to bring your own USB cable for additional devices or spend a few extra bucks for an extra iGo universal cable. The $49.99 price includes an iGo tip of your choice.

I’m a big fan of iGo’s products and keep one of their larger adapters stowed in my car. I’ll probably end up buying one of these to use with my MiFi card, iPhone and other mobile gadgets. Thanks to our friends over at Slashgear for the tip.

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