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iHangman for UMPCs and Tablet PCs released



CTitanic has just released a new game written specifically for UMPC / Origami’s and Tablet PCs called iHangman. The trial version has a list of 4 words. For a limited time, you can buy iHangman for $7.49. It is regularly priced at $9.99.

I’m downloading it right now and I’ll see if I can finally win at Hangman!

Update: .Net 2.0 is required

The game comes with 3 lists of words, the main list of around 1000 words, the list of Capitals of Countries and the List of Countries names. You can create your own list of words in a TXT file adding one word for row, this feature makes the games virtually new every time that you add a new list of words to be used by the program.

This game is a perfect tool to practice your handwriting with the Tablet PC recognizer. You can also use it as a learning tool to teach your kids new words making the learning process a big fun. 


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