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iHealth Rhythm: Smart One Lead EKG Monitor



The iHealth Rhythm is a smart connected one lead electrocardiogram that a doctor can prescribe to a patient to deliver 24 to 72 hour monitoring capable of detecting various heart issues and it is virtually invisible under clothing.

Unlike many medical heart monitoring solutions that doctors send patients home with iHealth leverages the expertise in making consumer friendly products to deliver something that your doctor can use to monitor you. If you also use other iHealth products at home, all that data can connect to deliver a better picture of your heart health and your activity during times of heart stress.

iHealth Rhythm - 1

While learning about this product a company spokesperson wore the unit and we could not tell it was connected while he had his shirt buttoned. Compared to many bulky medical tracking devices this allows for a more regular day-to-day activity level. While wearing this you can shower or bathe and perform other normal activities.

The iHealth Rhythm can detect four types of arrhythmia and the recorder app can track what happens while you wear the device and users can also press a button to record activity when they sense something is not right.

iHealth Rhythm - 3

Users do need an iPhone or iPad to use the iHealth Rhythm as it only works with iOS devices. The device is pending FDA approval at this time. While many of the iHealth devices are sold directly to consumers this is one that you get from a doctor who wants to monitor your heart health over a short period.

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