iHome Launches New Lightning and Bluetooth Docks at CES
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CES 2013

iHome Launches New Lightning and Bluetooth Docks at CES



With CES 2013 now upon us the onslaught of new accessories and new technology are everywhere. This is no exception when it comes to docking stations such as the iHome. They have updated their line of consumer products for the upcoming year and are showing them off at the technology and trade show.

While in the past these updates have not been nearly as important, with Apple’s switch to the Lightning connector in the iPhone 5, iPad 4 and iPad Mini, companies such as iHome have to now accommodate the new Lightning connector as customers with the new devices will be looking for¬†compatibility.

The new docking stations from iHome vary in features but the most impressive ones are outlined below.

New iHome

Of the new docks that iHome announced the iDL100 is the top of the line. As pictured above the iDL100 features two docking ports on the device, which is perfect for a combination of iPhones, iPads and iPods. These docking ports are both Lightning ports so that they will fit the latest Apple devices.

The iDL100 has an alarm clock, can charge the devices that are docked and also has an FM radio. A few hidden features are the addition of a USB port and AUX port on the back of the dock.

iHome also offers the iDL45 version of this dock; the only difference being that instead of having two docking ports there is only one.

The iDL100 retails for $150 and the iDL45 for $100.

Some other new products from iHome include an array of bluetooth docks and headphones. One of these docks allows for almost any Android or iOS device to join and stream music to it. This product is named the iBT44 and is sold for $200. iHome also announced a new pair of headphones. The iB85’s are a pair of bluetooth headphones that feature a microphone, volume control and also are foldable for travel. These pair of headphones are modestly priced at $100.



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