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Ilium Releases InScribe Text Entry Program For Free



Tablet PC and Ultra-Mobile PC owners looking for a new way to enter text have something new to take a look at today. Ilium Software has released InScribe, an on-screen keyboard text entry solution, and it is free. We gave you a heads up when this was in Beta, and there is a sneak peek at the Beta in this Sony Vaio UX Hardware Inkshow.


The fact that it is free, should be enough incentive for you to go and grab InScribe and check it out, and I think UMPC owners will be particularly interested. Some intriguing facts, the keyboard is customizable, you can drag or tap to enter text, the app can determine a change in direction, and knows when you are moving on to the next character.

Lots more info on the Ilium Software site.

Hat tip to jkOnTheRun.

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