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Ilium Software’s “InScribe” InkShow



I’m having fun with eo.  We have gotten quite close in the last two weeks or so since he arrived at the SE regional office.  I am slowly adopting him (yes, it’s a him) into my lifestyle, and “adapting” me to his abilities bit by bit.  I have played music, watched movies, etc. quite a bit, so am having a lot of fun using this as a consumer electronics device.  Web surfing, checking email, a few games here and there have been a blast. eo has made lots of new friends as I carry him with me throughout my day.
However …. (you knew that was coming didn’t you?  :-)), entering text in this thing is a major pain in the keester.  In my day to day life, I simply must have good text input capability.  I’m sorry, but even using the Tablet Input Panel itself still has issues (especially with touchscreens), so I have been experimenting a lot with alternate text input methods and tools.  In all honesty, the inking experience on a touchscreen device is poor compared to a tablet PC.  So to make up for this, I have played with EverNote’s RitePen, ActiveWords, etc., all in an attempt to make things bit easier.  The jury is still out on those apps and how they can help me, but this week I did try a very cool tool that I think will work well.
Yes, we are talking about Ilium Software’s, InScribe on screen keyboard.  Warner posted about this last week and I was interested enough to go and get the (FREE) download and load it up.  It was easy to learn, seemed to function well, and with but one exception (you’ll see in the InkShow) was all positive for me.

Like any new tool, you need to spend some time with it to get proficient, but all in all I liked it a lot.  Check out the show to see the features, pluses and minuses of this little app!

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