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I’m A PC: I Can Communicate With My Friends



MobileMan is a PC. He likes to communicate with his friends


I am a PC.

I am a PC because I have never been something else. It is just the fact since I can think.

When I was a young PC I took possession of my parents living room just to learn Visual Basic and play games, but at that time I had to do it via TV screen. Those were the times.

Then it was great for me to be a PC because many teachers in school liked my clean and duly written and printed out school texts. It was great to be a PC so I also could add pictures.

Sometimes it was hard to be a PC, when a virus hit my system, then all the other computers said they would never have such problems. But for a real PC it is just the possibility to show how good you can solve problems.So after a small amount of time again problem solved.

Now as a PC I can communicate with all my friends no matter where they are.

As a tablet PC I even can write like I learned it in school, that is awesome.

I like it especially when people stare at me and think that in the next minute I am broken, but I only flip my screen around so I can operate in tablet mode.

So I am glad to be a PC and excited what kind of PC I will be in future.

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