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I’m a PC: I Teach



Here is winner number 2 from our I’m A PC contest. He’s a PC and is a teacher.

– Steven Holman

I’m a PC.

In fact, I’m a Tablet PC. That gives me special abilities. Abilities I use on my Toshiba M700.

I’m a PC in the classroom. Delivering notes through my computer that I can edit on the fly, working out chemistry problems that I can email to absent students or convert to text to ask as a test question later, or just showing structures and equations with a pen. As a PC, I can interract with my students at a better level using the pen to deliver notes, rather than a canned slideshow.

In the office, I can go to faculty meetings, staff meetings, any meeting, and I can jot down notes, take minutes, doodle, and then later I have a stored copy of the notes tied back to my calendar, in case I need to remember what was discussed at the last meeting. Very powerful.

At home, I can watch my kids draw and learn to write letters without looking for a pen or pencil and paper. They can doodle all they want, and I can save it for later, email it to the grandparents, or post it to a blog for others to enjoy.

I’m a PC(Tablet), and I’m lovin’ every minute of it.

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