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I’m a PC: I’m Lighter Than My Older Brothers



Here is winner number one, from our I’m a PC contest, dreaming of the possibilities in the future.

Amitai Rosenberg

I’m a future HP 2730p(maybe HP 2750p?): I have Windows 7 and Multi Touch.

I’m lighter than my older brothers- I weigh only 2 pounds!

I have a special pen on my back shoulder that is good for writers and artists. It also doubles as a regular pen.

The multi touchness in me is nice for the user- but not for me- they think it’s smooth- I think it’s ticklish-:). Oh well.

I have a 3 megapixel webcam.

I have a few ports that humans can interact with me- the usual ports- plus a couple of more new ones.

My design is a bit different than of my older brothers’:

I have a comfortable design- for artists and writers. I feel like a sketchpad(I think).

I also have much better speakers- so I can talk louder so the human will hear me better-:).

I have special programs that come with Windows 7 that are designed for use with a tablet pc. One application is an upgraded version of Inkseine, which now supports multi-touch gestures. I also have multi-touch games.

I also have a few art programs that are very nice.

Although it says in my specs that I’m rugged- please don’t throw me- it hurts-:(.

I love my new Windows 7 interface- it’s so-PCish!

HP also added to me two small buttons- that you can program.

On the site it says I cost only $1,200- but I know I’m worth much more! How can they give me a price-:@!

Overall, with my new design, multi touch and Windows 7- I think that I suit everyone- wrtiers, artists, business men- and everyine else! And best of all- I’m a PC!!!

1 Comment

1 Comment

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