I’m a PC: I’m Multi-Talented

Here is GoodThings2Life, winner number 3 from our I’m A PC contest. He’s a multi-talented PC, redesigning himself to fit the situation.

– GoodThings2Life

I’m a PC.

In fact, I’m a brand-spanking new Dell Latitude E6400 PC completely maxed out with all the goodies– even got a backlit keyboard to write let me see in the dark! I used to be a Toshiba Satellite R10, but I redesigned myself since I no longer sit in a classroom or an office all day.

We PC’s can do that, you know… redesign ourselves. Add some more RAM, swap out a hard drive or battery with something new and shiny, install new software that works for pretty much anyone, and we come in shapes, sizes, and designs… we’re not just black and white copies of each other.

We’re mutli-talented too! Sometimes we work hard to bring home some bacon, sometimes we’re in classrooms learning new tricks, sometimes we’re in the lab conducting complex research, and other times we’re sitting around playing games, watching videos, and listening to music.

I’m a PC, and I’m like Scotty– I’m giving it all I’ve got, Captain! And sometimes– I really am a miracle worker!