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I’m A PC: Life As a Convertible Is Good



Herushan is a PC. He’s a convertible..


I am a PC, and I can convert between input modes.

I am an Lenovo X61 Tablet that spends its days taking notes and nights writing papers, surfing the web, or playing games. My screen has high resolutions and can be rotated around for ease of use with the pen. Notes are a breeze with formulas or pictures as I am like an infinite pad of paper with infinite ink input.

When carried around I hold can take spills with a spill proof keyboard and the daily bumps without showing scares. My composite shell keeps me looking new while staying classic in design. When travel around I never worry about losing a connection because I can take a variety of connections.

I love being able to be upgraded and being connected to all the new toys knowing that they will work. Only the imagination is my limit, for I am a PC. I am a diverse machine setup to take on anything.

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