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I’m Giving Evernote Another Chance



Evernote My goodness. Rob is casting off Evernote and heading back to OneNote. As an Inker, I can’t argue with his reasons. In fact they make great sense. Evernote’s Ink support is rudimentary at best on a Tablet PC for all the reasons Rob stated. My opinion is that the Evernote team is busy working on other aspects of the program (syncing, cross platform, mobile, etc ) and Inking has fallen by the wayside. You don’t have to look any further than the Mac client to see that. The Icon saying Ink Support coming soon has been on display since the beta launched.

I agree with Rob’s points, but I’m going to stick it out just a little longer. I took notes in dress rehearsal last night using Evernote and all of the frustrations Rob mentioned were there when it comes to note taking. But the reason I’ll give Evernote a little more time is that those notes were all available to me this morning on multiple devices across multiple platforms, with the exception of my Mac. That said, I was able to view them on the web interface on that machine as I was planning the day.

Rob’s pushing the OneNote team to come up with a syncing option and I’d love to see that. I’d like to say something different here, but I’m not holding my breath.

In both instances this is a case of leaving the Inkers behind.

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