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I’m on a MindManager Kick



Image-0000 I’ve had MindJet MindManager Pro 6 (FYI, the current version is 7 and I can’t wait to upgrade and have a look at the new features) for quite a while now and used to use it from time to time.  I usually break it out when we are starting a new project and need to map out project tasks and resources.  Then we take that and bring in the subtasks, get a good feel of everything.  Then with a bunch of other people in the office conference room we start brainstorming ideas.  It wasn’t a daily occurrence for me, but it was a great tool for what we were trying to do.

Well, that has changed a little lately.  I have taken on the quest of personally trying to get my daily tasks a little more organized.  To do that – I am trying to follow in the footsteps of Dennis, one of our fearless leaders ( that’s scary huh??).  He’ll create a map daily of what he needs to do in the morning so he can follow that throughout the day.  That’s what I have been doing.  So far, I have been doing it for a week and it has really improved my productivity and helped me accomplish things on a more regular basis.

I’ve been using the default ‘To-Do List’ template to start out each day for right now.  That helps me get things going in a organized manner.  So far I have made a few changes to the map and saved it as my very own template.  The image above is the default view of the To-Do list, and one major change I have made is to convert all the default fields over to be “Ink” boxes instead of text.  There’s nothing like sitting at my desk in tablet mode with my feet kicked up on the desk – pen in one hand and coffee in the other – writing out my daily tasks. :) And, something I found today is that you can drag and drop topics from map to map!!  That’s great if you are waiting for an answer to a question or just carrying over different tasks from day to day.  I am still exploring and figuring out new things as I work around MindManager Pro, but just thought I would share with everybody how things are going.

I’ll keep everybody updated and when I get my template set up after a little while longer, I might even post up the Map Template for people to use!  How do you use MM in your daily routine?

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