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Image Possibly Outs Nokia Windows Phone with PureView



An image from a Lumia 800 running WP Bench shows four Nokia code names that could hint at future Nokia Windows Phone handsets.

The image was first shared on My Nokia Blog, and it shows four Nokia smartphones with Greek names that we haven’t seen before. Those names include Nokia Phi, Nokia Pure Phi, Nokia Alpha, and Nokia PureLambda. The last device, the Nokia PureLambda appears to run Windows Phone OS 8.0.9842, also known as Apollo.

If the image is real, it means Nokia might be working on its PureView Windows Phone and testing it with WP Bench. We know that Nokia is working on bringing the technology of the 808 PureView to Windows Phone, but the release of phone seemed far off.  This could be an early model of the phone, or it could mean Nokia will bring PureView to Windows Phone sooner than we thought.

No matter how far along the PureView Windows Phone is, Nokia needs to wait for Microsoft to announce Windows Phone 8 before the phone can come to market. The current Windows Phone 7.5 can’t support PureView.

Unfortunately the images don’t have any more detail about the other Windows Phones listed. Based on the names, we assume they are more Windows Phone 8 smartphones, as they follow the Greek naming convention. Maybe one of them will feature the designs we saw a in a leaked ad few weeks ago. For now all we have is a few names and the hope that we’ll hear more about the devices and Windows Phone 8 later this year.

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