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How to Check if iMessage, iCloud and FaceTime Are Down



Apple’s new system status page makes it easy to see if Apple’s growing list of services are down, cutting users off from iMessage, Facetime and iCloud services.

This enhanced status page is important as Apple is the source of a growing number of services that users rely on daily. This page makes it easy to see if Apple is the one to blame, or if it is a problem with a specific device or carrier.

The new Apple System Status Page is much more detailed than earlier versions, offering a status light for over 30 individual services and features. The page includes a timeline of events, to show when outages start and end as well.

Facetime Down or iCloud Down Status

Apple’s new system status page shows if iMessage is down, and the status of other Apple services.

Apple services are mostly reliable, but “iMessage down”, became a popular search term in September and again in November for days as the service went offline for extended periods. This page also shows if the App Store is down, or if iTunes is down, which occurs for a small section of users on a fairly regular basis. The timeline shows the iTunes store was down for an hour for some users on Wednesday.

iMessage Down Check

Check if IMessage is down and see who is affected.

If you can’t send an iMessage, make a Facetime call, or use Siri this is the place to start. Some of the most important services monitored on this page are,

  • iMessage
  • Sirie
  • Game Center
  • Dictation
  • Maps
  • FaceTime
  • Photo Stream
  • Find My iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac
  • iCloud data

When any of these services go down, this page will offer more information on the outage and a link to support if there is no reported issue. There is no help, like how to send an iMessage as a text, but it’s a big improvement over the earlier version.

It’s a good idea to bookmark this page,, on the iPhone or iPad so it’s easy to check while mobile. There is no mobile friendly version of the page, but it’s easy enough to use on a smaller screen.



  1. Gloria adams

    03/20/2017 at 10:18 am

    FaceTime I sent not working, i keep getting error”cannot connect to FaceTime server”

  2. assassin's creed syndicate wallpaper

    05/03/2017 at 11:14 am

    iMessage makes sometimes crash while opening the message. Apple should fix this soon.

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