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iPhone 5 Impact Band Bumper Case Shock Demo (Video)



Tech 21 offers a new impact resistant iPhone 5 case capable of protecting the iPhone 5 from drops and damage with a impact reactive band that hardens under impact to protect the iPhone 5.

The Impact Band by tech21 is a different approach to a tough case, providing protection from drops and shock without adding significant bulk.

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The iPhone 5 Impact Band joins a host of iPhone 5 cases at CES 2013 designed to protect the iPhone 5 during daily use and in extreme conditions. Tech 21 offers a thinner band of protection than OtterBox and LifeProof, but doesn’t deliver waterproof and dustproof protection.

The idea behind this phone case is called impactology. Basically tech21 uses a super strong and flexible material around the edge of the case that hardens when impact occurs  protecting whatever’s inside. In the video above, the same material protects the rep’s finger from a hammer.

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The iPhone 5 Impact Band case only features the special impact resistant material around the outer edge of the case, leaving the back and front of the iPhone 5 without protection from the D30 impact resistant material. The back of the case features a clear plastic cover to prevent scratches and add some protection to the back of the iPhone 5.

Although the Impact Band fits tight on the iPhone 5 all of the ports and buttons are easily accessible.

tech21 impact band

The Impact Band is the exclusive hard case that will be sold in Apple stores. LifeProof and Otterbox are not sold in Apple stores, though are widely available at Best Buy and other retailers. The Impact Band retails for around about $35 at Apple and is available in orange, grey and pink.

In addition to iPhone 5 cases that offer better than average protection, iPhone 5 battery cases are also popular at CES 2013, as they will be in stores as early as February.

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