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Improvements In Touch Making Tablets Easier To Handle?



TouchscreenI was not one of those on the early touchscreen bandwagon, but after working with touchscreens in the last several months, I have come to understand the utility and potential of what they have to offer. Julio Ojeda-Zapta of ( registration required ) is also revisiting his previous hands off approach to touchscreen computers and has posted a very interesting article on his new found fondness for touch screens. He looks at HP’s TouchSmart (or Kitchen) computer and also at some of the latest range of Tablet PCs that contain multi-touch interfaces. While still not a Tablet PC fan, he does seem to be coming around to touch as a valuable input option, although it is intriguing that the article doesn’t touch on Ultra-Mobile PCs. Well worth a read.

So, I’m curious. What’s the GBM-scape think of touch? Like it? Use it? Not in your plans? Sound off.

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