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Improving construction quality control



LatistaThe emotional draw in building a new house is that you get to avoid all the leaky faucet, broken pipes, cracked ceiling type of problems. For those of you who have built a new house, you know how far that is from reality. The warranty issues never seem to go away, the builders are constantly coming back in to fix stuff. This seems to go on for months on end. Help is on the way…

Latista Field Service, a software application built by Latista, is a package designed to improved construction quality control and warranty management. According to a their website, Latista Field Service is Tablet PC-based solution with an easy to use interface, digital camera support, punchlist management, translation of work-orders to Spanish, and business workflow management.

Next time you begin to look at building a new house, ask the builder what software application they are using to manage their quality control and warranty management.

via: PRNewsWire

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