Incipio Frequency iPhone 5 Case Review

The Incipio Frequency iPhone 5 Case is a slim, form-fitting iPhone 5 case available in an array of colors with a simple EQ design on the back.

Incipio’s Frequency iPhone 5 case gets its name from the textured equalizer like design on the back of the case which is otherwise a solid color with a soft touch finish.

While many cases offer bright colors and flashy designs, I’m drawn to the flat black finish with glossy accents on the back of this case from Incipio. This iPhone 5 case isn’t designed to deal with harsh conditions, but for users looking for a good every-day case, it fits the bill.

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Incipio Frequency iPhone 5 Case.

The Incipio Frequency iPhone 5 case includes a small lip on the front of the case to keep the iPhone 5 display from touching a table when placed upside down. This also increases the chance of a dropped iPhone 5 hitting the case before the screen.

On the back is a small smooth indent at the top of the phone. This runs the width of the phone, including a cutout for the iPhone 5’s rear facing camera. While holding the phone, this small indent acts as a catch for my index finger, offering a better grip than the soft finish of the main back, and making it easier to hold the phone with one hand and still reach all touch points on the display.

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The indent at the top makes gripping the iPhone 5 easier.

The case covers the power button and volume buttons with a cutout for the mute switch. The bottom of the case includes openings for the microphone, speaker, Lightning dock connector and headphone jack. Most headphones fit with no trouble, though the large headphone cable in my car has trouble connecting, like it does to most iPhone cases.

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A small lip protects the display.

Users looking to protect the iPhone 5 from scratches and bumps should check this case out. It won’t offer as much protection as the OtterBox iPhone 5 case, but it’s one of my favorite minimalist iPhone 5 cases so far.

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The case includes a small folding stand that props the iPhone 5 up in landscape orientation for watching videos or using FaceTime.

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The Incipio Frequency iPhone 5 case includes a small foldable stand.

Incipio offers the Frequency iPhone 5 case in a variety of colors including black, grey, pink, purple and teal. The case is available at Best Buy, Radio Shack, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint stores for $24.95.

Incipio offers the DualPro, a similar style case with two layers of protection, including a soft inner layer and a hard shell outer layer for more protection. Read the Incipio DualPro iPhone 5 case review