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Incipio OffGRID Express iPhone 6 Battery Case Announced



With what’s perhaps the largest-capacity iPhone battery case we’ve seen yet, Incipio has unveiled the OffGRID Express iPhone 6 battery case at CES, offering 3,000mAh of extra battery juice.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 6 Plus is absent from receiving the new case, but hopefully we’ll see something new for the larger device in the near future.

The OffGRID Express isn’t the only iPhone 6 battery case that the company announced, though. The OffGRID, OffGRID SHINE, and OffGRID EXO were also announced at CES, coming with more features like better drop protection, a wider set of color options, and charging pins that allow the cases to be used with the OffGRID Dock, which was also announced at CES this week.

Incipio OffGRID Express iPhone 6 battery case

The OffGRID Express doesn’t come with these extra features, but if it’s just a simple high-capacity battery case that you’re looking for, the Express looks to be a good option.

Compared with other iPhone 6 battery cases that were also announced at CES this week, the OffGRID Express offers the highest-capacity battery out of the bunch. The new battery cases from OtterBox and Mophie offer less battery than the OffGRID Express, coming with only 2,600mAh and 2,750mAh of power, respectively.


Granted, the Mophie Juice Pack Plus for the iPhone 6 Plus carries 3,300mAh of battery, but that’s because of the overall larger size, while the Incipio case is just for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, limiting the capacity of the battery.

However, one thing that makes the OtterBox battery case stand out is that it also includes its signature drop protection that all OtterBox cases come with, preventing damage to the device when accidentally dropped.

However, when it comes to pure battery capacity, the Incipio OffGRID series offers the most battery for the iPhone 6.

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