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Incipio OffGRID Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Case Packs Portable Power



Users that need better Samsung Galaxy S4 battery life should check out the new Incipio OffGRID Samsung Galaxy S4 battery case that provides a 3100 mAh battery to keep the Galaxy S4 going all day.

While the Samsung Galaxy S4 offers a removable battery that allows users to carry a spare and swap it in when the battery goes low, some users will appreciate the convenience of combining a case with a backup battery.

The OffGRID Samsung Galaxy S4 battery case retails for $89.99, and will start shipping on August 4th from Incipio.

The Incipio Samsung Galaxy S4 battery case.

The Incipio Samsung Galaxy S4 battery case.

This Galaxy S4 battery case includes a large battery that users can turn on and off as needed. Incipio claims it can deliver up to 15 additional hours of talk time. a set of LEDs on the back of the case show users how much battery life is left on the case.

With a case like this users can often achieve much longer battery life by charging their Galaxy S4 from 20% to 80% multiple times, versus charging from zero to full once.

Users can charge this case with the included Micro USB cable, and the case will also charge up the Samsung Galaxy S4 at the same time.

Incipio S4 offGRID Battery Case 1

The Incipio OffGRID for the Galaxy S4 measures .33 inch thick, which will add a little bulk to the Galaxy S4, but shouldn’t be too big to keep it out of a pocket or weigh you down. The case slides on and off with a bumper-style system, which allows users to toss the Galaxy S4 battery case in a bag, purse or car until they need it.

Incipio includes a headphone extender which will help larger than average headphone plugs connect to the Galaxy S4 while in this case. There is also a screen protector and cleaning cloth included in the case.

Incipio offers the Galaxy S4 battery case in black and white and it is available for pre-order today.



  1. MMow

    08/11/2013 at 6:14 pm

    I’ve had two of these for a Samsung Infuse and both fell apart within three months. The plastic tab that locks the two pieces together is so flimsy it breaks on the second or third removal. Used a rubber band to hold them together. My carrier replaced the first one no questions asked. I didn’t bother about the second one – it just went into the trash after the charging port simply dropped into the case and became unusable.

  2. Mandy

    07/12/2015 at 3:09 pm

    Battery packs are way too heavy. Using an extended battery for your galaxy s4 is a really good idea since the battery life on the stock battery is not good at all. This is a top rated on amazon galaxy s4 battery

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