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Incredible Nintendo 2DS Price Cut Starts Soon



Nintendo, makers of the Wii U gaming console and the ever-popular Nintendo 3DS handheld, have an amazing deal coming for anyone and everyone interested in playing Nintendo 3DS games for as cheap as they possibly can. There’s a steep Nintendo 2DS price cut on the way and it’ll include a free copy of a hit game at no additional charge.

Nintendo announced the huge Nintendo 2DS price cut earlier today, just as the fall gaming season is beginning to kick into high-gear. Beginning August 30th, the Nintendo 2DS handheld console will cost just $99. Originally, the Nintendo 2DS cost $130. That in itself was a huge discount for gamers who’d eyed the Nintendo 3DS. A Nintendo New 3DS XL console costs $199.99. The older, regular-sized Nintendo 3DS costs $130.96 from GameStop. The originally Nintendo 3DS cost a whopping $250.

The Nintendo 2DS.

The Nintendo 2DS.

This Nintendo 2DS price cut is unlike the deals we’ve seen on the console in the past. There are no coupon codes or special savings involved. This is how much the Nintendo 2DS costs buyers going forward. Nintendo introduced the Nintendo 2DS as a cheaper way to get mobile gamers in on the Nintendo 3DS experience. The overwhelming majority of games designed for the Nintendo 3DS run fine on the Nintendo 2DS. The price cut doesn’t change the disadvantages of owning a Nintendo 2DS instead of a Nintendo 3DS. There are some newer games that only work on the new Nintendo 3DS. The device also lacks the 3D display technology that made the original so popular and the communication technology that is required to communicate with Amiibo figures. Thankfully, that’s one deficiency users can make up for with an accessory purchase.

The bundle included in this Nintendo 3DS price cut comes with a free copy of Mario Kart 7.

Coming a month after the Nintendo 2DS price cut takes affect is the Nintendo Amiibo Reader/Writer. The add-on accessory allows older Nintendo 3DS models and the Nintendo 3DS communicate with the tiny figures without a problem. Nintendo Amiibo figures are hugely popular. The tiny figurines are shaped like Nintendo’s most-famous characters. Each has a base that unlocks different kinds of downloadable content depending on which game its used with. Amiibo users the same wireless technology that the iPhone 6 uses for Apple Pay.

Ahead of the release, GameStop and Amazon are offering pre-orders of the Nintendo Amiibo Reader/Writer right now. The add-on costs $19.99.

Theoretically, this new Nintendo 2DS price cut, puts Nintendo just where it needs to be before the start of another competitive gaming and holiday shopping season. Many believed that growing sales of smartphones and tablets would put serious damper on sales of Nintendo’s mobile consoles. That hasn’t happened yet, because getting the Nintendo experience on the go requires that users have Nintendo’s consoles. All that could change when games featuring Nintendo characters make their way to the iPhone. Nintendo announced a partnership with mobile game maker DeNA earlier this year. The two have plans for a growing stable of iPhone games based using its character’s and worlds.

A cheaper Nintendo 2DS allows the gaming company to better compete with ridiculous cheap smartphones and iPod Touch-like devices. It doesn’t hurt that Nintendo has a pretty stellar slate of video games on the way. The Legend of Zelda: Trio-Force Heroes and Yo-Kai are all coming this holiday to boost sales of the Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS.

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Nintendo also has a robust line-up of Amiibo figures launching over the next few months. Among them are Zero Suit Samus, Olimar, Dr. Mario, Bowser Jr.

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