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Infinity Blade 2 for iPhone and iPad Review



Infinity Blade 2 is an action game for the iPhone and iPad that is more than worthy of its expensive $6.99 price tag. With its beautiful graphics, addictive gameplay, and fantastic controls, this is a must have game, especially for gamers who own Apple’s tablet.

The game, developed by Epic Games, is the sequel to the original Infinity Blade which got released back in 2010. A year later, Epic came out with the sequel and even after five months on the iOS App Store, the game continues to sell well, even with its steep asking price.

There is a reason for that though.

Infinity Blade 2 is a fantastic game that will not only delight avid gamers, but casual ones as well.

Infinity Blade 2

The game picks up where the original left off. You are Siris and you are joined by a character named Isa. Before the title screen even appears, you’ll start dueling increasingly difficult bad guys using the Infinity Blade sword that the protagonist acquired in the last game. However, the game soon strips you of your armor and new-found weapon and leaves you with scraps.

Yes, it would have been great to waltz through the game using the very best equipment available, but where’s the fun in that?

Soon after, you’ll name your character and embark on an epic quest to find The Worker of Secrets.


Infinity Blade 2 combines lots of elements from different gaming genres.

First, there is the hack and slash, fighting game element that comes along in the main part of the game which is the fighting. In the boss battles, you’ll dodge, parry, block and slash your way to victory.

What’s different in this version is that there are three types of weapons.

You can use the same old sword and shield combination. Or, you can opt for to dual-wield weapons or use a two-handed sword. It’s your choice and all have their benefits and limitations.

I found myself using the sword and shield most of the time.

You’ll also have access to magic spells but I often found myself too busy hacking and slashing to bother.

There is also now a larger RPG style element to the game in the form of gems. Gems will be added to your equipment to make them stronger. This comes in addition to the leveling up your equipment to make it stronger. Use a sword for a while and you’ll master it. Same goes for armor.

You’re also now able to ready up your character before boss battles so that you’re not waltzing in with disadvantages like low health.

There is also a bit of an adventure game element mixed in here. At times, you’ll be able to look around your environment. And while it looks pretty, there is a bit to find. Bags of coin used to buy upgrades, health potions and chests are all scattered around the environment waiting to be found.

As for the bosses themselves, yes there is a bit of repetition, but Epic Games did a fantastic job with the variations of enemies and I found each battle to be extremely fun.


I’ve found some games to be difficult to play on the iPhone and the iPad because of the controls. Max Payne for the iPhone and iPad for instance. However, Epic Games did a fantastic job with the controls for this game and I found it easy to slash away and micro-manage both on the iPhone and the iPad.

There isn’t much of a learning curve here either so users will be able to pick up the game and start hacking away from the get-go.


What can I say? This is one of the most beautiful mobile games that I have ever played. The character design is intriguing, especially the bosses. The environments are detailed and spectacular. The lighting on some of the levels is gorgeous and dare I say it, mind-blowing. The voice acting is above par, way better than the last game, and the menus are fairly easy to navigate.

As for the game itself, my third-generation iPad was able to handle the game beautifully. I experienced no slow downs whatsoever. However, when I loaded it on my iPhone 3GS, it definitely was more sluggish and didn’t look as good.

I expected that so I wasn’t disappointed.

While the game is definitely fun on the iPhone, I played it on the iPhoen 4S too, it’s a better experience on the iPad.

Should You Buy It?

All in all, the game took me about seven hours, across several days to beat and I definitely will be playing it again. The replay value lies in the character customization and really, the sheer beauty of the game.

I realize that $6.99 isn’t exactly an appetizing price tag for a mobile game but rest assured, this game is absolutely worth every penny.

It also has me excited for Epic Games’ new Infinity Blade game, Infinity Blade Dungeons, which will be out later this year.



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    07/09/2013 at 2:39 am

    It’s free now!

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