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Infinity Blade Developer Gets Political With “Vote!!!”



Chair Entertainment, the developer behind Infinity Blade has a new game with a political twist coming to the iPhone and iPad this week.

According to Polygon, the developer’s new game “Vote!!!” will come to the iPhone & iPad App Store tomorrow for free and will let players control cartoon representations of President Barack Obama and presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney. The developer teamed up with Rock the Vote and the Video Game Voters Network to create the new game.

From the trailer the game looks like it plays just like Infinity Blade, except the duels are staged as debates between the two candidates. Winning rounds gains votes for the player’s candidate of choice, which then gets added to the number of votes each candidate has between all players. We assume the game doesn’t get bogged down in any sort of Electoral College math.

Like Infinity Blade 2, Vote!!! lets players customize their characters. Both President Obama and Mitt Romney have choices of weapons including a balloon sword, an ice cream cone, and the Constitution. Players can also dress the candidates up in different outfits with accessories like mustaches, clown noses, and baseball caps.

Chair Entertainment tried its best to make the game silly and fun without favoring one candidate over the other, and the trailer indicates that it accomplished that goal.

Vote!!! game for iOS

If there is a message to the game, it’s that players should vote in the presidential elections this November. The game has a link that will help players register to vote and explain how to vote.

With all the negativity that inevitably engulfs presidential elections, it’s nice to see a light-hearted game about the process.

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