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Info on Current Live Mesh Limitations



If you’ve been using Live Mesh here is some interesting info. In a blog post titled The potential for Live Mesh is limitless… the Live Mesh team hands out some info on the current limitations for the pre-release version.

As we go through this process, we’re hearing your questions about how many folders and files users can put in Live Mesh today. Here’s a quick summary of the upper bounds we’re testing against ourselves at the moment — we’ll expect these numbers to keep going up with subsequent service updates.

  • Size of all contents in a single Live Folder: 10GB (of course there’s still the 5GB quota which limits how much you can synchronize with the Live Desktop)
  • Individual file size: 2GB
  • Items (file or folders) per Live Folder: 100,000
  • Members per Live Folder: 200
  • Number of Live Folders per user: 200
  • Number of devices per user: 100

This is good info to know. I’m anxious to Live Mesh continue to develop.

Via Paul Thurott’s SuperSite

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