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Initial thoughts on the DocuPen RC800



I’m putting the DocuPen RC800 scanner to good use this week, as I meet with clients, scanning  things on the go.

I plan on posting a more detailed entry about the entire workflow from scanning, importing, etc. For right now, I just wanted to let you know some of my initial findings:

1) scanning small items like business cards is a real pain because there is nothing to grab a hold of in order to scan the top part of the business card.

2) my wife absolutely loves this scanner. Kathi is all about removing clutter from a home. I think I might end up having to purchase of these for her.

3) The paperport software that comes with the scanner is pretty cool. I can import all / select images from the scanner have them go into a single PDF or create separate pdf pages.

4) Using the b / w mode, saving a scan to the memory card takes about 4 — 5 seconds

5) I have not tried scanning books, but I’m suspecting that the RC800 will not be the ““best” solution for that, simply due to the binding issue.

6) Importing directly to OneNote is a breeze. Enough said on that due to blogging restrictions.

7) Had I not goofed up the installation, the out of box experience would have been great. I couldn’t get the drivers to install properly because I couldn’t find them. Tech support was fantastic and very quick to respond via phone and email.

8) The scanner is very, very light. However, it is a bit too tall for a shirt pocket. I keep mine in my bag.

9) I’ve found the color scans to be quite acceptable for my purposes.

10) The docupen control screen, which is used for selecting the images to import, needs an option to delete the images after importing. currently, the only option is format the disk

11) I’d highly recommend ordering either the 128 or 256 mb expansion card. The internal 8mb flash storage won’t last long.

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