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Ink And Windows Presentation Foundation Can Be Cool



WpfBefore the naming weenies got hold of it The Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) used to be code named Avalon. WPF is the foundation for building applications and high fidelity experiences in Vista, allowing developers to blend UI, documents, and media content all into one. We’ve all seen cool demos of this before with rotating windows filled with streaming media. But how does that work with Ink?

Jigar Mehta has compiled a list of WPF videos showing off WPF fun stuff and this one, Ink Capabilities from Nigel Parker, shows just how digital ink can work with WPF. Imagine inking an annotation on a video and having that ink show up in the playback. I’d love to see that, and you can in this video, along with some other nifty approaches. Now of course to use this functionality I imagine your Tablet PC will have to be able to really run the Aero Glass effects full bore.

If only the name had been changed to something as sexy as the capabilities.


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