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Ink Desktop for Vista now available



In addition to the Experience Pack for Vista, the Ink Desktop for Vista is also avaiable. I’ve just downloaded it and installed it. After only using it for 15 – 20 minutes, Version 2 seems to be much stabler and keeps ink in sync better when rotating. I’m going to keep this running over the next couple of days to see how it works longer term, though. I wasn’t impressed with version 1, so hopefully version 2 for Vista works much better.

UPDATE: One problem I’m seeing with Ink Desktop for Vista that really bugs me – to use the Ink Desktop, you have to minmize all the open apps for the Ink Desktop to show up. it doesn’t show up by default just by clicking on the desktop icon in the quicklaunch bar. That, to me, is a bug. Ink Desktop should show automatically when you click the desktop icon. I shouldn’t have to minimize all my applications individually to get to the desktop just to see the Ink Desktop program.

It can be downloaded here.

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