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Ink-enabled Activity Book Application Coming Soon



activity tablet pc education loren heiny Loren Heiny> seems to have his hands in ton of stuff these days. He just posted an update on an education focused, ink-enabled application he is working on.

Like a book, the content is organized into pages yet unlike some eBook readers, the content is both “live” and is “fixed.” It’s live in that you can interact with the content. The viewer can give the person using the book feedback as to whether their answer is correct or not as they work through a problem using a stylus, touch, or keyboard. Conversely the content is “fixed.” By this we mean that whatever is on page 1, stays on page 1. Same with all the content. There’s no reflowing of pages and confusion about where the content is. Everyone that opens a specific book will see the same content in the same way.

These look great, Loren! My kids would love to use something like this. Let us know how it progresses.





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