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InkAnalysis API has now RTM’d



If you have been following Gear’s tech blog, you know about the InkAnalysis API.  Today it’s available as an add on to the Tablet PC SDK 1.7.  Remember there was an updated SDK 1.7 I posted about not long ago… but Gavin has the link –

“The new InkAnalysis API which integrates layout analysis with handwriting recognition (and exposes new capabilities and features). So far, I’ve pointed developers to the “Windows Vista SDK for RC1” to install the InkAnalysis API. I’m very excited to announce that the InkAnalysis API has now RTM’d and can be installed via the new addendum to the last Tablet PC Platform SDK (1.7). This new release is called the “Input Supplement” and its version is 1.7.5.

Check out his post here

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