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InkDoku for Tablet PC released



ScreenshotThis is definitely the week for Tablet PC games! InkDoku, a Sudoku game written specifically for tablet pcs, has just been released. I have not had an opportunity to try this out yet, but it looks pretty cool. I’m not sure how it compares to the Origami sample that Microsoft developed, but if there are any Sudoku fans out there that would love to run a side by side comparison, I’d love to hear from you.

There is a free trial available. The full version costs $9.95. You can download it here.

Introducing InkDoku: Sudoku for the Tablet PC. This famous Japanese puzzle game comes directly to your Tablet PC. Use your stylus to handwrite your answers to an unlimited number of puzzles. If your Tablet supports the eraser mode of a stylus, simply use it like you were using a pencil!

Order InkDoku, designed specifically for your Tablet PC today and receive:

  • Unlimited number of puzzles!
  • Free access to support forum!
  • Special offers on future software!
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