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Inker: A Tablet PC TIP Alternative?



InkerThe folks at Atozed Software think that they may have an alternative to the TIP on Tablet PCs. Their solution is called Inker. While it doesn’t replace the TIP, (it can run side by side), Inker is designed to reduce the number of pen clicks needed for input and corrections.

The Inker site contains lots more info (including a chart that sumarizes the difference in the number of strokes between Inker and the TIP) and a quick video to show you how it works. I’ll have to install this and check it out.

Here are what they list as Distinctive Features


  • Text Tap Activation – No need to hunt around for the TIP icon that appears in random places, simply tap the text field with a pen and Inker activates. This functionality works in most applications, but for those that it does not, simply tap the Inker icon in the system tray.
  • Text Corrections – Need to correct existing text? Just select it with the pen when Inker is empty and it will load the text and allow you to correct it.
  • No Tabbing – Handwriting and corrections are performed in a single place and handwriting is replaced while you write with recognized text. No need to move around through different modes or screens.
  • Improved Recognition – Inker is more accurate than TIP. While it uses the same recognition engine, Inker does more analysis of the input and uses this information to better choose when the recognition results return many candidates.
  • Copy/Cut/Paste – Inker has buttons for quick copy/cut/paste. No need to wait for right click functionality, and thus no interference with text selections.
  • Correction Gestures – Using simple up/down gestures you can change the case of a word or a letter, using left/right gesture you can insert new letters.
  • Advanced Eraser Support – Tap words or letters with the eraser to delete.
  • Sizable Input Area – Inker can be zoomed in and out to adjust for your screen size and resolution and achieve best balance between readability and space usage.
  • See Through – Inker makes effort to not stay in your way – it becomes translucent and positions automatically on the screen when appropriate so you can see behind it, yet access it again quickly.
  • History – Inker keeps texts you have inserted so you can easily reinsert again when needed.
  • Favorite Words – You can define custom words or phrases that you can quickly insert in the writing area.
  • Input Navigation – Inker allows you to easily fill forms by inserting the text and move to the next or previous form field through specialized insert buttons.
  • Specialized Characters – Inker includes several virtual keyboard layouts that can be combined allowing you to optimize the size of Inker window
  • Keyboard Corrections – Unlike TIP, you can use the virtual keyboard to correct handwriting recognition.
  • Leading Space – To add a leading space, simply write after the leading space marker. No need to use a gesture or the virtual keyboard.
  • Quick Alternate Word Selection – Alternative words are conveniently situated in a circle so you can easily find the one that you meant to write.


Hat Tip to jkOnTheRun

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