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Inking In A PowerPoint Presentation With Classroom Presenter 2.1



403aI don’t recall seeing any news of this before, so if others have, please set me straight. In any case, this sounds like a very exciting application for the Tablet PC. The University of Washington has continued development  Classroom Presenter (now in version 2.1), an application that provides instructors with increased flexibility in delivering a presentation, and also facilitates audience interaction. The application was originally developed at Microsoft Research in 2002 and continued development has been done at The University of Washington.

Presenter is a distributed presentation system for the Tablet PC. As a distributed system, synchronized versions of the presentation are shared across instructor, public, and student machines. The Tablet PC allows high quality ink annotations. The digital ink can then be sent from student tablets to the instructor for review or public display.

There is a video available of the app at work here. You can read all about Classroom Presenter here. And Lyn from Tabletology (Hat Tip!) talks about her experiences with the Classroom Presenter here.

I wonder if this is the kind of interaction Jim Forbes was talking about here and in this recent Audio InkShow.

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