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Inking on the Fujitsu U810? It Depends



From looking at Matt’s InkShow on the Fujitsu U810 and this post from Rodfather, I’m jumping to a conclusion here that the Inking experience on Fujitsu’s tiny Stormtrooper really depends on the individual and how one’s hands lay on the screen and/or bezel when you are trying to Ink notes. That only makes sense given the small size of the device and how everyone writes differently. On the one hand, it argues for a more consistent “hard touch” or active digitizer. On the other hand it makes it difficult for any individual who is interesting in Inking on these small devices to make a judgement about whether or not this particular small device will work for them.

Rodfather inkblog

Of course it also argues for retailers to stock these devices in displays where users can get hands on. Methinks snowballs stand a better chance in very hot places before that’s going to happen.

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