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InkSeine Fixes On Their Way Next Week!



For those of you that are out of the US and having some localization problems in InkSeine…  The fix is on it’s way.  The main symptoms of this bug are that Copy/Paste, Undo/Redo, loading the tutorial, and loading files that had been saved will not work.  Also, there are some other fixes that were smashed already as well. 

From the blog of Ken Hinckley:

  • Fix for broken InkSeine file association. If you double-click on an InkSeine (.IKS) file, it will open up inside of InkSeine without forcing you to manually perform the association to InkSeine. Fixed!
  • Fix for “The requested recognizer is not available with the current setup or configuration” error dialog that some international users have encountered when doing a search. This can be worked-around now by installing a language pack, but we believe our localization fixes will remove the need to install any language packs. Fixed!
  • Option to disable automatic checking for updates has been added to the installer and to the InkSeine Options panel. We hope you’ll take advantage of this great feature to get future updates & bug fixes, but we understand that some people don’t like to be prompted for automatic updates, so now you can turn that off if you like. Fixed!
  • Missing Notes file types added to the notes filter (looks like the OneNote icon). New extension supported: .onecache (shared OneNote notebooks are cached in these; you also may need to add this extension to Vista Search / Windows Desktop Search for the indexer to pick it up), Geometer’s Sketchpad (.GSP), Jackson GradeQuick (.GBK), Google Sketchup (.SKP), and SMART Technologies slide collections (.XBK). Fixed!
  • .TXT file extension removed from the PDF filter. This was causing confusion for some people. Fixed!
  • Probably also a fix for the annoyance where icons that you drag out from the search results list don’t drop directly under the location where you lift the pen, and maybe a couple of other little things.

Thanks for the quick fixes!!

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