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InkSeine: Search With Ink



Frank Garcia dug this one up from Microsoft Research and it looks like a great Ink tool. In fact, this needs to get out of research and onto Tablet PCs everywhere. Imagine inking your search query without having to enter the data into a search box.

InkSeine provides a really slick way to get at all your stuff without having to deal with the file system or switch to a separate “search application.”

With InkSeine, you can circle a handwritten phrase to create a query right in your notes, without having to transcribe it to a search box somewhere else. The query persists in-place as an icon that lives there and gets saved in perpetuity just like any other part of your notes.


There is quite a bit more to discover at this link. This looks really interesting and gee, isn’t this what we’ve all thought we should be able to do on a Tablet PC with Ink?


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