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InkSeine Update is Live



The updated version of InkSeine that I posted about last week is now live.  The main reason for the update was because of a localization issue:

The worst symptom of this bug is that some users who use non-American ways to write decimal numbers or dates are unable to load InkSeine notes that they have saved. The fix does NOT make it possible to load any files that this bug caused to be saved in the “bad” format, but any new ones that you create going forward will not have this problem. The other symptoms of this bug are that Copy/Paste, Undo/Redo, and a few other features will not work. Please accept our sincerest apologies if you have been stricken by this bug. 

Even if the localization issue doesn’t effect you, there are still a few fixes included as well:

  • Fix for number formatting problem that causes loading saved files, Copy/Paste, and Undo/Redo to all fail for some users outside the US.
  • Fix for unexpected date format causing the Tutorial to not load.
  • Fix for “The requested recognizer is not available with the current setup or configuration” error dialog appearing. InkSeine should no longer require any multi-lingual recognizer packs to be installed.
  • Installer correctly creates file association for .iks files (InkSeine notes). 
  • Additional file extensions added to notes filter (OneNote icon in search panel), including .onecache, Geometer’s Sketchpad (.GSP), Jackson GradeQuick (.GBK), Google Sketchup (.SKP), and SMART Technologies slide collections (.XBK).
  • The .TXT file extension has been removed from the PDF filter. This was causing confusion.
  • Icons dragged out from search results now drop where you lift the pen. 
  • Option to skip auto-update checking added to the installer. 
  • Checkbox for auto-update feature added to the Options panel.

Hit up the download and give the new version a try – ALSO – As mentioned in the forums – this was a quick fix mainly for the localization issue – if your bug isn’t squashed or suggestion isn’t in this update don’t worry that wasn’t part of this update!!

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