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InkSeine Updated, New Features & Bugs Fixed



InkSeine Ken Hinckley just let us know that version 1.1.425 of InkSeine has been released. Ken has all the details on the new release, but I’ve listed them here as a summary. Because AutoUpdate is now live in InkSeine, you should be able to get this new build by simply starting and then exiting InkSeine. If you have trouble, just head over to grab the new build. Be sure to visit our InkSeine forum to discuss this new build!

In addition, Office Labs just launched. This is a new website featuring some of the latest prototypes being developed by Microsoft interns and employees. Office Labs is a site you’ll want to visit often to try out some of the latest ideas being floated about Microsoft.

New InkSeine features and bug fixes :

  • Rotation and Reflection: InkSeine now supports rotation of any lasso selection.
  • Antialiased Page Thumbnails: It’s now much easier to recognize pages from their thumbnails.
  • Search for & Open OneNote sections. Previous builds of InkSeine only handled OneNote pages that were saved into individual .one files. InkSeine now returns OneNote sections with its search results, and you can open them and insert hyperlinks to them in your InkSeine notes.
  • File association fixed: The association for InkSeine files (.iks extension) now installs correctly.
  • Saves the last Pen and Highlighter: InkSeine remembers which pen and highlighter you were using so they are ready to go when you next launch InkSeine, or open another note.
  • Performance improvements, particularly while dragging selections.
  • Improved Stroke Eraser: It no longer leaves “debris” on the screen on occasion
  • Tool Ring bug fix: The Tool Ring will no longer activate the camera or the close icon if you happen to end your pen stroke over them while circling-to-scroll or while using the tool ring as a flickpad on Vista.
  • AutoUpdate server is online! With the launch of the Microsoft Office Labs site, the Office Labs AutoUpdate server is also now online.
    • To get updates, your computer must be on the internet. Start InkSeine and make sure that it has been running for a few minutes. When you exit, you will be prompted to install the update (build 1.1.425.0). Note: Make sure that “Automatically check for updates” is checked in the upper-right corner of the InkSeine options dialog. You can open the options from the question-mark menu. You may disable checks for automatic updates by unchecking this option, or by opting out during your initial installation of InkSeine.
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